Joe Charro

So I was a Gold’s Gym Rat till all of this crazy stuff took freedom away…
I would workout every other day with weight bars, cables and treadmill.
I was able to workout at Crunch Fitness the last day before they closed. (wasn’t impressed)
And at 9 Rounds before they closed… it was good/ different…
So like everyone else struggled to find a place to workout… no success…
I saw Nigel’s add on craigslist and said to myself, “what do I have to lose.” (he was the only game in town)
I was so used to my routine with the machines and cable pulling I thought I was in a “good place”…
1 session last an hour with Nigel. I wasn’t sure how it would go or turn out..
Nigel’s format was so different, so uncomplicated yet so direct to each muscle.
I say so direct to each muscle because after the 1st two session I was SO SORE.
I felt sore in areas I didn’t know I had muscles.
I have been training with Nigel only twice a week because that’s what my body will allow.(for now)
I have been working out with Nigel since March 23 and I have gotten stronger and have I have more muscle definition all around my body.
I wanted to write this to say… change is great… new ways are awesome…Nigel knows the body and how to engage it…
I don’t know when I will actually go back to Gold’s Gym with all the rules and the limited number of people but I am good.
while I miss the gym atmosphere and the people, Nigel’s training is working for me and my body (loves it) is responding.
I will never view the gym the same again…
I am a new man with new eyes….

Thank you Nigel…

Joe Charro


Jane Petty

I really like this place! The Backyard Gym is a private studio which is ideal if you’re apprehensive about going to a gym. Nothing to worry about here as Nigel puts you at ease immediately with his friendly personality, his experience is phenomenal and is the best at what he does!

I’m very pleased with this as I would have to go to two separate classes to get what Nigel offers, namely kickboxing and self-defense combined. Well worth trying out, it’s different that’s for sure, in a very good way.

Paul Smith

Nigel is the only trainer I know that not only offers kickboxing and self-defense in the same session but has actually invented his own entire martial art!! To say I was impressed is a understatement!

This guys sessions are a must!!! Nigel has his own style of self-defense that is fun and easy to do and made me realize you don’t have to be a black belt to be effective, I really believe I could protect myself if I had to! Overall the session was fun, interesting and challenging.

Jon Eason

I highly recommend personalized training with Nigel. My wife and I trained with Nigel for a year and l loved it. Nigel finds a way to integrate cardio with self-defense, kick boxing, and weights to keep things fun and interesting.

I found his methods more personal and better suited to our needs than the big box trainers who only count reps for you. Give Nigel a try today!

Gi Muratore

Nigel is the best personal trainer I ever met. Respectful, committed, he is never late or miss a session, pushes you to the limit and results are guaranteed if you follow through.

Even when I was pregnant we trained. I met him back in 2008 and unfortunately we do not live in the same city anymore otherwise I would have never left his gym! Very good!

April Davis

I met Nigel a year ago the first time. I have had such an interest in self defense after being physically assaulted by a man with a knife. Not only does Nigel deliver, he packs with a punch! This is no place to be if you are not serious about changing your life.

Now I am able to defend myself, I can go out in public and not feel threatened. On top of that I have more energy, and have learned better habits all around. He is an awesome trainer and I will continue to work with him. He has a made a huge impact on me personally and on his community. I am honored to have him on my side and you will be too!

David Campbell

When I found Nigel I was overweight, my blood pressure was through the roof! I was in very bad shape. My doctor gave me the warnings about a possible stroke and heart attack if I didn’t change my lifestyle, he advised I join a gym, which I did, but had no idea what to do, I mean, when you’ve never exercised in your life and you’re 50 years old it’s not an easy transition. To be honest, the only exercise I had done was walking to the fridge to eat!

​So the next step was to find a personal trainer, someone that knew what he was doing and could guide me safely into a new healthier lifestyle, I found Nigel. Let me tell you this guy really knows what he’s doing! In only two months I’ve dropped 20lb plus cut my blood pressure meds in half, my doctor said I’ll be off them altogether if I keep this up, funny thing is the cravings I had before aren’t there anymore! The more bad stuff you eat the more you want! That’s how it works, took me a long time to figure that out.

The thing I really like about Nigel`s style is it’s so diverse, this isn’t just another trainer, he offers weights, kickboxing and self-defense all wrapped into one power-packed hour! I never thought I’d enjoy having my ass kicked so hard! Try it yourself, I guarantee you’ll like it too!

Hiring a trainer might not be the cheapest thing to do, but you know what? Neither is paying for endless amounts of medication, I see this as an investment into my future. Thank you Nigel.

Caralyn Marketos

I started working out when I got engaged and wanted to lose some weight to fit into a smaller sized wedding dress and luckily for me a gym opened up in my area. I went to the gym and started to use the machines and do a little bit of cardio. I did lose weight, like anyone would if they had not been doing any type of regular exercise. I continued working out, and loved the fact that it helped me sleep and relax. However, I started to plateau and was not sure why. I was not losing any weight in fact I was having trouble containing my weight even though I was working out 6 times a week. I was doing the same thing that made me drop a size or two before…..

In august of this year I had my first baby, I was determined to get back to the gym as soon as possible to get rid of the extra pounds. That is when I contacted Nigel to help. I was nervous about getting back to my original fitness level and was really worried about being able to get the results that I wanted. What would I have to do to jump-start my body, if 6 days a week was not working?

I started working out with Nigel in October. I look back now and laugh at how stupid I was to think that I had any idea about an effective workout. Nigel has quickly taught me the correct way to work out and how to burn fat. He has also taught me that I don’t have to work out 6 times a week to get the results that I want. I am not saying that what he puts me through twice a week is easy, because it is not! What I can say though, is that I have a lot of fun in a very friendly, relaxing and motivating atmosphere. Nigel understands my capabilities and limitations and helps me push myself. He remembers things that I like and incorporates them into the workout. The time fly’s by and we have a lot of fun on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.

​I cannot believe I didn’t start a program like this earlier. Although, if I had, I may not have met Nigel, so I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m so glad that I am working out with Nigel.

Lisa Bonner

The first thing I was looking for in a personal trainer was someone I could trust. Someone that could read my signs and know when to push me harder, yet at the same time knew when I had enough. I also wanted a trainer who is encouraging, practical and knowledgeable. Nigel meets all of my criteria.

​When I work out with Nigel I feel confident that he is there to help me accomplish the goals I have set forth for myself. When I get close to ending a set of reps I can hear him calmly remind me that I’m strong enough, I’m able and almost done. This is most encouraging and extremely helpful. I begin to lose any doubts that cross my mind when I wonder if I am going to be able to finish the set.

​Nigel has created a unique workout plan. I’ve never worked out in this type of fashion and I have to admit that it’s fun and really works! I have never once felt bored at all. Things are constantly changing during the workout and new routines are added constantly to make things more fun. However, I will say that it is a very effective workout. It’s not all fun and games, it really is hard work. He has come up with creative ways to distract your mind from the actual task at hand. It’s awesome. I never imagined I could do half the things he asks of me. It’s quite shocking actually.

​Nigel keeps a constant eye on my form to make sure I do not injure myself. It’s very comforting to know that he truly cares about my well-being. The most important thing is the relationship he has created with me. He knows when I want to throw in the towel and he knows just the right thing to say. If I’m ever worried, I can tell him and he will talk me through my self-doubt and help me realize that my will is stronger than the self-doubt that I somehow manifest.

​Nigel has a slogan “If you come to me as a client I will always give you value for money and train you to the best of my ability and help you bring the best out of yourself.” I can assure you that Nigel’s promise is 100% accurate and you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Nigel to anyone I come into contact with who is interested in hiring a trainer.

Nigel…You are the best!

Ari Neubauer

I first met Nigel through a brief little classified ad offering a great workout at an affordable rate. I had no idea what to expect, but this lucky connection would turn out to be the best exercise experience of my life.

​Nigel has been the only physical trainer I’ve ever worked with who has showed enthusiastic positivity and genuine respect for his client, never letting me slack off but likewise never pushing me too hard.

​My previous experience with trainers from corporate gyms was cold and offensive, people interested just in taking my money and giving me the usual low level of attention. Nigel is never like that-he takes time out to pay attention to my progress, think up new and interesting exercises, and make sure my workout is enjoyable. I’ve turned my friends on to working out with Nigel, and they love it too.

​All in all, I can’t recommend him highly enough. Whether you’re looking for your first time exercise experience, or an Olympic-level workout devised to push your limits, you’ve got to give Nigel a try.

Chris Simms – Lost 45lbs!

Having been the victim of an unprovoked attack a few years ago, I wanted to learn how to defend myself, apart from wanting to lose quite a bit of weight of course. Slight problem trying to come up with the money to hire a personal trainer and also a self-defense instructor.

​I had tried a few trainers that were ok, but didn’t really offer what I wanted, sorry guys, but a few punches on the hand pads does not pass as kickboxing training! I wanted more than that, but couldn’t find it.

So, Enter Nigel Taylor, a personal trainer who does everything from weights and kickboxing to self-defense! I`m glad to say this trainer can back his words up. With Nigel`s help I have not only lost weight, but, also learned how to defend myself too, all while having a blast! This guy is funny as hell!

​I feel like I have come a long way, both physically and mentally since I started my journey to get in shape. With Nigel`s unique blend of multiple styles that cover everything, and believe me he really does cover everything! I have achieved a look and confidence I never thought possible, can you imagine how lucky I feel to have met this guy? Thank you Nigel

Debbie Haynes – Lost 190lbs!

Ok, so first things first, I knew when I got into this that it wasn’t going to be easy or quick. I knew my trainer had to be someone special that could not only handle the job required, but also deal with my frustrations and lack of patience! I`m glad to say Nigel met all the requirements needed, he never gave up on me when I was ready to quit many times, the early days were very rough indeed. But with Nigel`s help I kept on track.

Every workout seemed to be so different, so there was never a chance of getting bored. As Nigel had warned me the diet side of things would be the hardest and he wasn’t joking either! It was pure hell! But here I am now, almost 200lbs lighter, without resorting to surgery.

I consider myself living proof of the fact that if you really want something bad enough, you can actually get it! I know I could never have achieved the results I did without Nigel. If you are serious about getting in shape, then you must hire this guy as the results speak for themselves!

Adam Carter – Lost 120lbs!

My last remaining option before gastric bypass surgery was sign up with a personal trainer, everything else had failed so I thought why not? I really didn’t want the surgery and neither did my doctor. So I signed up with Nigel, who I instantly felt was on my side and not just in it for the money, which was important as this is by no means a cheap service! But what price is your health? I mean, if I didn’t do this I`d be spending a fortune on medical bills in later life.

​I`m not going to lie, the training felt like hell to start with! but with Nigel`s encouragement and excellent training methods he kept me focused and I soon started feeling better about myself, then the weight started coming off. In just under 2 years I have lost 120lbs! I have never felt better in my life.

​In Nigel, I haven’t just found a trainer, but also a good friend who has taught me how to really change my lifestyle totally! I`m now learning and enjoying kick boxing, something I never thought was possible for me to do.

I would recommend Nigel in a heartbeat…Nigel, you’re the best!

Lisa Perez – Lost 65lbs!

I knew I needed help losing weight, I had tried every diet there is, but nothing really worked for me. So my doctor advised me to seek the help of a personal trainer.

I stumbled across Nigel as I waded through the endless ads for trainers, with apprehension I signed up for a few sessions. To my amazement I actually liked it as it was just what I was looking for.

Nigel was the answer to my problems with his unique training style and sense of humor that made working out fun, but also hard work! He somehow made me enjoy getting my butt kicked!

Trust me, this guy will get you in shape, just wish I`d have found him before I wasted all that money on those stupid diets! But better late than never and I`m enjoying my new look 65lbs lighter. Thank you Nigel.